Sunday, April 11, 2010

Russian Soccer Fans Cheer Christ's Resurrection at Easter Day Match

The Gospel is surely making its way throughout the world and even (re)-infiltrating former Communist strongholds.  First, there was the post I made last month about China's demand being so great for the Bible that printers cannot keep up.  Now, there's this great YouTube clip of Russian soccer fans at an Easter Day match:

From Interfax --

Fans greet each other on Easter at soccer match in Moscow

Moscow, April 5, Interfax - Fans greeted each other on Easter at a Sunday evening soccer match at Moscow Lokomotiv stadium.

At the beginning of the second half of the match thousands of fans of Dynamo team started chanting "Christ is Risen!", an Interfax correspondent reports.

Thousands of fans of Lokomotiv teeam on the opposite side of the stadium responded by chanting "Truly He is Risen!"

The exchange took place several times.

The correspondent who has attended soccer matches for almost 50 years says it was the occurrence of this kind in the history of Russian soccer.
[I'm not sure if that last line should read "the first occurrence of its kind."]  

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