Sunday, December 11, 2011

Battle Saints Bracelets

What a terrific story I found on KSDK's website via CNN --

Military mom designs 'Battle Saint Bracelets' for troops in harm's way

Military mom designs 'Battle Saint Bracelets' for troops in harm's way

CNN - A simple bracelet is providing a source of strength and support for men and women fighting for our country.

A solemn march, a loud ovation and a last goodbye for these deploying troops; the Atlanta airport is the final stop on their way to war. That's also where you'll find military moms like Cynthia Lemay.
Lemay knows the pain of deployment all too well.

"Our son is in Afghanistan. My nephew just got back from his third tour. We have several other family members over there," she said.

While she can't be on the front lines, protecting her son, she can ask for a little help from above.

"We put together these saints bracelets. My son has been wearing it since he went over and he's been in several fire fights and attacks," Lemay said.

Lemay calls them the 'Battle Saint Bracelet.' They're made up of 12 to 16 different saints, each with a unique military connection.

"They have different saints on them, including St. Christopher to protect you when you travel, and St. Barbara to protect you if you work...that have very specific meaning to the military and offers them specific protection," she said.

Lemay started the program as a way to feel connected and show support for the troops overseas. Now, the small memento has spread to Hollywood and beyond.

You'll find them on the wrists of celebrities like Zac Brown and the cast from Band of Brothers. And now you can get them online too.

"When you have a loved one in harm's way, not a moment goes by where you don't think of them," Lemay said. "So we wear these every day and think of our loved ones and all the other service men and women who make so many sacrifices every day."

This shopping and holiday season take a moment to think about the men and women spending their holiday in harm's way. And while you're picking up that new gift for a loved one remember the troops and put the saints on their side.

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